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7-12-2010 BUPs, c&ps, rows, plate curls, juggling

tonight I hit density PRs in bottoms up pressing the 40kg and plate leverage with a 25lb

Big density prs on rowing the 40kg kb

volume pr on cleaning and pressing the 28kg kb, with a clean before every press, 69 in 10 minutes

Juggling consistency with the 16 improves. Starting to string together more patterns

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7-9-2010 Just playing around

No goals today. Just went into the gym and had fun.

Lots of kettlebell pressing with the 32 kilo kettlebell, pullups, muscle up practice on the bar, ring dips, and some hand to hand block weight tosses.

A great training session.

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7-6-2010: one arm chin practice and “Kelly”

Crossfit and biofeedback experiment continues.

Tonight I set a baseline time for “Kelly” of 34:59. Not a workout built for big guys! I did not push hard and will be able to cut my time relatively easily.

Also got a big surprise: I can now hold myself up for the one arm chin and lower myself about 25% under control. I’ve wanted the oac for a long time. It’s coming.

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Prs in one-legged deadlifts, density and quality

dips, density

grippers coc#2

falling patterns


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3-23-2010 Bottoms up pressing

got 51 presses with 32kg kb in 45 minutes. 

deadlifts: a couple of singles with 425

some hand to hand tossing with the 70 lb block weight

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03-16-2010 Beast night

hth swings

mp presses

goblet squats


all with the 48kilo kettlebell.  PR on MP singles and goblet squats

played around with rt and pinch grip dl

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3-15-2010 Deadlifts and chins

Did a bunch of deadlifting tonight with 255

pressed the 48kilo kettlebell for singles

floor pressing with the 32s


Got interrupted after 30 minutes by a new karate class, or I’d have gone for a lot longer, but a good night.

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3-13-2010 Deadlifts and snatching

Pulled a few singles with 425, rounded back style

Snatched the 48kilo kettlebells for sets up two with my right arm, and one with my left.

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2-26-2010 Bending

Still not feeling 100%, but bent 2 5.5” g5 bolts and kinked one more to 90 degrees.

Bent one #1 draft horseshoe.

Time to sleep.

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2-25-2010 Almost better

Got sick AGAIN on Tuesday. Tics have screwed up my shoulders, so today I did a lot of rotational, loaded work.

Then, lots of swings with the 28k

ring dips from knees (still too unstable at full extension)

some rolling thunder pulls with 160

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